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Titanium Rock Sliders for the GSpeed V3 Chassis w/ Power Wagon Body 2023 SORRCA Class 2 Rule Compliant

Titanium Rock Sliders for the GSpeed V3 Chassis w/ Power Wagon Body 2023 SORRCA Class 2 Rule Compliant

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2mm thick Titanium: Half the weight of steel, and much harder than aluminum, these rock sliders for the GSpeed V3 Chassis are bombproof.  They are contoured to closely follow the lines of your lower chassis, protecting the vulnerable carbon edges of the chassis against rocks and wear.  The slide well on jagged exposed rocks. These will also help keep your lexan or hardbody safe when the inevitable happens.   Longer than most other sliders on the market, these are 2023 SORRCA Legal!  See fitment notes below.

These have been design to fit the popular Power Wagon series bodies and provide ample room to mount components like your ESC or Lipo battery and will take any abuse  you can dish out.



With 4.75 inch tires and up to and slightly beyond a 12 3/4" WB and slider adjusted to the "middle" position or neutral position.  Approximately 8mm of total forward or rearward adjustment available(more if you dremel the skid plate openings).

The trailing edge of your front tire will be within 1 1/8" to the leading edge of the slider.

The leading edge of your rear tire will be just inside 2" to the trailing edge of the slider.

Slider length at body line/outer most edge is 5 1/8th"

On a Gspeed V3 chassis this are 6 1/2" wide inside to inside of the raised edge of the slider.

At full compression on Capra portal axles and standard 1.9" beadlock wheels this slider is approximately 5-10mm lower than the top of your wheels.  Meeting 2023 Class 2 SORRCA requirements.  A straight axle build would sit even lower and be well within Class 2 limits.


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Carlos Young
Power wagon sliders

These sliders are perfect! Lines up on the chassis and has plenty of room for electronics. I need more power wagon builds now

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