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"Brodoz" Super Single Front and Dually Rear Directional Aluminum Billet Wheels: Comes as a Compete Set for the CEN F450

"Brodoz" Super Single Front and Dually Rear Directional Aluminum Billet Wheels: Comes as a Compete Set for the CEN F450

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FIRST BATCH SOLD OUT in less than 12 hours!  This is our last batch for these wheels this year!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support us and to our new customers as well.

Meet the "Brodoz," the only billet aluminum Super Single Fronts with matching Dually Rear Wheels for your CEN 450 (or custom project).  These are the real deal "SEMA" style wheels just like you'd find on the actual, full scale trucks.  They are cut from solid 6061 billet aluminum rod and feature a true directional pattern which can be set up as "scooping" or "chopping" by simply swapping the wheels from side to side on your truck.  These fit best on lifted F450s since the front wheels feature a mild or wild negative offset.  If you are fitting these on a stock height F450 you will need to raise your body and/or trim your fenders or limit your steering travel to provide clearance for the negative offset "Super Single" fronts.  These are not compatible with our lowering kit (fronts are too wide) nor are these compatible with our "Lopro" tires.



Front Wheels: can be set up for "Scooping" or "Chopping" but also feature adjustable offset.  By flipping the wheel on either side of the truck you can go from a mild offset to a wild negative offset.  We recommend the narrower "rear" CEN Hubs to be used on our front wheels if going for a wild offset.  Our rendering shows the front wheels in the "wild" offset with the larger lip facing the outside of the truck.  By flipping the wheels around and from left to right you can easily swap to a more mild offset while maintaining your choice of "scooping" or "Chopping"

Rear Wheels: can be set up for "Scooping" or "Chopping" by simply swapping from side to side.  These "double dually" rear wheels feature a unique one piece design where the "faces" of the rear dually wheels have been machined together.  This increases strength and allows for a symmetrical, directional design which can be used on either side of the truck.

Caps: billet aluminum and "CNC" laser etched.  4 are included (2 for the front axle and 2 for the rear axle).


We recommend American Force Rear CEN Hubs Part Number CD0611 to be used on both the front and rear axles for the most scale "Sema" offset.  You can use your stock American Force front hubs if you want, however the wide front hub will push your front offset to the extreme.

KG1 owners must purchase CEN Racing American Force hubs.  KG1 Edition trucks have hubs which are not compatible with these wheels.  You must use American Force Hubs with these wheels.  Part number CD0610 Front, and CD0611 Rear.  As mentioned above we like and recommend CD0611 hubs to be used for both front and rear for the most scale appearance.

Hubs not included.  

Tires: Designed for CEN Fury or Fury 2 tire.  If you choose to glue your tires we recommend gluing the inboard rear beads first.  This allows you to leave the tire unmounted on the outboard edges of the wheels leaving room to manipulate and glue the inboard beads.  Once your inboard beads have been glued, you can mount the tires in the outer bead channels and glue in place.  Our customers have also "stretched" 2,6", 2.2" and even 1.9" tires onto this size wheel.  We recommend the Fury 2 tire for a large yet scale tire appearance with good traction.  CD0502 Fury Country Hunter M/T2 Tire (DL-series)


Front: 38mm (35mm bead channel width) wide by 70mm diameter.

Rear Overall 75mm by 70mm diameter.  Tire beads 31mm x 70mm diameter (x2 with a 10mm space between inboard tire beads)

 This slight pinch is similar to the stock KG1 trucks which allows for a taller tire appearance with the front tire being slightly wider on the rim vs the rear tire. 

Use our "notify by email" button to the right and follow along on our Instagram for stock updates. 



1/10 Scale factory fit on the CEN Racing F450 (using American Force Hubs)

Sold in complete sets only: 2 Front Wheels, 2 "Double Dually"  Rear Wheels, with 4 CNC wheel caps.

Scale 10 hole design.  M2.5 x 10mm (or longer) recommended for mounting.

4 Billet Silver Center Caps Included (mount cap, then wheel on top)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

The quality of these wheels is nearly perfect. I Always get complements when I take my truck out.

Reid Isaacson
Super Single Wheels

These look great, quality, fit/finish is also fantastic. Perfect for the SEMA look.

Alexander Martinez
F450 CNC wheels

By far the best quality you can add to any RC truck! It is worth every penny!!!!!! Thanks CNC!

Thanks Alex! We can't wait to make more wheels in 2024!

carlos ramos

Hands down the best set of wheels I've ever bought. Not only in terms of looks but also quality. As a machinist my self, it is clear to me that these were made with not only care and love for the trade but also pride in the final product. Thank you and I look forward to buying more of your products.

Carlos, thank you so much. This was a hobby driven by passion for the last 30 years that has thankfully turned into a business over the last several years.

Brodoz wheels

The fit and finish of these wheels are absolutely top notch!! They really make the truck stand out and the option to mount them mild to wild in the front are a really slick feature.

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