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SCX Transmission Mount and Servo Mount for CEN RACING F450 for Burn outs w/ Line Lock!

SCX Transmission Mount and Servo Mount for CEN RACING F450 for Burn outs w/ Line Lock!

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This transmission mount and servo mount will allow you to run an SCX style transmission in your CEN F450.  This is a bolt in replacement, however you will need to come up with a drive shaft replacement for the front and rear.  So, why would anyone do this?

OTF (on the fly) selectable RWD, 4WD and "Line Lock" where you can lock the front wheels and still supply full power to the rear axle.  Yes, burn outs!  This utilizes a "dig" transmission that's been installed backwards.  You will also notice it's sitting at around a 45 degree angle.  This design centers the outputs of the transmission in the chassis allowing the easiest install/modification to your truck clearing both the front and rear link cross members easily.


This is NOT compatible with lifted trucks that utilize chassis mounted motor/transmission drop brackets.  The motor sits slightly outside the left frame rail and would not clear aftermarket drop brackets, nor would there be room for the servo to actuate the selectable transmission.  You will reuse the drive cup from the intermediate drive shaft to install on the rear of the scx transmission  

 Comes with:

Transmission Bracket for SCX style transmission

Servo Bracket



Needed to complete:

ESC/RX relocation(see example photos)


1 Standard servo(reusing  your stock steering servo and servo saver works great)  Then install a better servo for the steering.

35mm link(I used left over parts from the front sway bar removal)

CKD0202 KAOS Center Rear Universal

CKD0201 KAOS Center Front Universal

5mm to 5mm Coupler x2

5MM Coupler


SCX "Dig" Style transmission

SCX Tranny


Front Kaos Universal must be installed backwards with the universal closest to the transmission, Use 1 5mm coupler here (you will need to remove a round 3mm from the coupler on the transmission side).  See installed example in photos.

Rear Kaos Universal must be installed normally, but you will be cutting the front dog bone off.  Slightly sand down the diameter in a drill to 5mm and using a file, make to flat spots for the set screws.  Install into 5mm coupler.  Now install the stock intermediate drive shaft(with no carrier bearing) into the 5mm coupler.  See installed example in photos.

This is made of PETG and has a Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Great mount if your looking for burn outs, it was a little difficult to set up but at the end was definitely worth it.


The 3d print is perfect and very solid.


I love it

Brady bilbrey

The mount worked great but I can’t find a coupler to connect my middle to back drivelines so trying to figure that out still

Robert marchetta

SCX Transmission Mount and Servo Mount for CEN RACING F450 for Burn outs w/ Line Lock!

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