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Drift Light System for RC 1/10 Scale Drift Cars Competition "Formula Drift" Style

Drift Light System for RC 1/10 Scale Drift Cars Competition "Formula Drift" Style

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Choose with or without optional 3rd Brake Light

Self calibrating, self adjusting, and self powered!  The lightest, most complete (all LED mounting brackets included) and easiest Drift Light System for your RC Drift Car.  Plug in and go!

2024 Drift Light System for RC Drift Cars

Featuring a "self powered" stand alone "Formula Drift" style light system that turns on when you power up your ESC, you can now also opt for a 3rd Brake Light LED bar that is easy to mount and super light weight. (5 grams!) 

Modeled after the 2023 "Formula Drift" Decel lights, we've designed this RC Drift Light system to install easily into your RC drift car with all mounting brackets included.  These come with a Y harness and are “self” powered allowing you to easily plug the system inline between your RX and ESC.  Drawing well under 1 amp and installing in less than 1 minute, this Drift Light System will let everyone know you're serious about RC drifting (or at least look serious!).  6-12v compatible, no calibration needed, no extra batteries or power source needed, no crazy set up dance required.  Super light system weight at 43 grams (with all components and optional 3rd brake light).

General Function:  Pulling data from your RX and power from your ESC, this system waits for your first throttle pull and automatically compensates for standard or "reversed" throttle channels.  With your TX on you will see a single blue LED letting everyone know your car is in "neutral" with no power or brake being applied.

 “A” Pillar Light function:

Once you apply throttle the single blue LED will change to a single green LED.  As you apply more throttle each LED will sequentially turn green in 20% intervals up to full throttle (past 80%) where the last of the 5 LED will also rapidly flash green.  The same is true for brake with the LED's turning on progressively red until full brake is applied where the 5th LED blinks rapidly.

Optional Add-On: ”3rd” Brake Light function:

Once you apply brake not only will the “A” Pillar Lights function as above but a separate 3rd Brake Light will flash rapidly and then stay steady on (modeled after F1 style rear lights). This should be installed just under your roof line at the top of the back glass.

Helpful for drivers, judges, competitors and spectators, these LED lights will take your scale RC drift videos, practice or competitions to the next level. 

Install:  This really couldn't be easier:  Unplug your ESC from your RX.  Plug our included Y harness into your RX on channel 2, then plug your ESC into the Y harness.  You're done!

Now install the lights in your windshield near the "A" pillars with the wires up towards the roof and that's it!  We've included clever snap together and tape/glue in place clear frosted universal brackets that allows for a simple and clean install on most RC drift bodies(see silver body example in photos).  Alternatively, the LED strips include a sticky mount on the back side which could be used with scrap Lexan to glue or tape them in place(see blue body in example photos).   The module itself weighs approximately 16 grams and can be taped or wire tied to your chassis or directly to your body should you choose to run the 3rd brake light option.  The LED strips come soldered to a 400mm harness which can be unplugged when removing your body from the chassis.  Like all wiring, it is a good idea to use 'strain relief" as in our example photos we've used wire ties and sticky mounts to keep from accidentally pulling on the LED strips when removing the body from the chassis.

Input voltage: 6-12 volts, however 2s power is recommended.

Dimensions: Module: 52mm x 21mm x 21mm.  LED strip: 35mm x 12mm x 2mm.


1 Drift Light Module w/regulator

1 Y Harness (to be used between RX and ESC)

1 Pair of 5 LED light strips

1 Pair of Universal Snap Together LED Mounting Brackets


1 "3rd" Brake Light with Snap Together Mounting Bracket and scale lens

Not included:

Glue, tape or wire ties.


DRIFT TEAMS: Please email us directly for bulk (10 or more) pricing.


Warranty: 30 day.  Please observe polarity.  These are not waterproof and should not be used near water, rain or submerged.  Do not leave your battery plugged into your RC car when not in use.  Each system is individually tested before packaging.  Do not plug in without supplied inline voltage regulator.


FAQ: Will these lights work with X receiver and Y esc?  We've tested them with many combinations however we can not guarantee compatibility with all systems.  So far every combination we have tried works well.  (Printed instructions included)


Patent Pending Crawlers N Customs Inc. 2023

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dustin Billings
Drift lights

Interesting feature. Still in the process of installing the lights on my vw bus pick up drifter.

Christopher Perry
Best RC formula drift light kit!

This kit is amazing, reaction tome is perfect, well built, easy to install and run. Would recommend this product for anyone in RC drift scene.

Lou Torres
Sweet action!!

Totally works as advertised, super easy to install. Looks fantastic, the 3d prints are very well done. Money well spent as far as I am concerned.


Fast shipping, neat product.

Johnathan Sykes
Great set of lights

Bought the light for my RC cars and they perform awesome. Definitely recommend this full set with 3rd brake light.

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