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PTW Carbon Racing Chassis for the FMS FCX24 Smasher

PTW Carbon Racing Chassis for the FMS FCX24 Smasher

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Choose your body mount configuration
Add Optional Battery Trays for Larger aftermarket Batteries
Add PETG Scale Headers and Engine

Introducing the PTW Carbon Racing Chassis for the FMS Smasher.  Why "PTW"?  Prepare To Win.  Look, we know you wake up every morning and piss excellence and you need a Smasher chassis that does too.  How about a super adjustable, super stiff 2mm carbon chassis with the lowest center of gravity humanly(and even unhumanly) possible.  Designed for both standard and portal flipped builds this chassis offers extreme ride height(and effective spring rate) adjustability.  You can choose body mounts for Standard (non portal flipped) or High Clearance (for portal flip).  In "Standard" configuration our chassis also utilizes the stock body tabs, but should those break off(as they often do) you're still good to go with our included velcro.  The chassis is precision milled from carbon fiber and comes with an ultra light machined aluminum skid/transmission mount.  We even included 4 gold plated titanium bolts for our transmission mount.  Why? So you can say you have a carbon fiber and titanium Smasher! And oh yea, because its light as a feather and tougher than a 2 dollar steak.  We will see you in the winners circle.  All printable files are available for free in the link at the bottom of this page, including all body mounts, our cool scale headers and big block bed mounted engine.

*note: this chassis deletes the shift servo and low speed gears. Removal/trimming of Cab "windows" or mounts may be necessary depending on chassis set up.



Hyper Adjustable Carbon Fiber Chassis with 50/50 weight distribution

Red Anodized 6061 Aluminum Transmission Mount

4 Gold Titanium M2.5 transmission mount hardware(M2 driver required-not included)

All Necessary M2 SS Button Head Bolts and Nuts (M1.3 & M1.5 drivers required-not included)

This is fully bolt on and comes with everything needed to convert your Smasher to Winner.


All of our PTW Carbon Racing Chassis come with:

2 Carbon Fiber Chassis Plates

1 (pair) Aluminum Center Skid/Transmission Mount w/4 Gold Titanium Bolts


1 PETG Battery Mount for stock battery or 400mah 2S battery (with Velcro loop) The battery we use and recommend can be found here:

2 PETG High Gear Only Lock Out Spacers for your transmission(cause lets face it, we're not going slow anymore).  Take the stock slow gear and shift servo, shift fork etc. and toss them!  These replace your low gears inside your transmission.

2 PETG Printed Standard (non portal flip) "Old Ford" Body Mounts (w/Velcro)


2 PETG Printed High (for portal flip) "Old Ford" Body Mounts (w/Velcro)



Optional free printable digital files like our scale headers, bed mounted engine, all body mounts, large and small battery trays etc. can be found at the link below.

We will also design Velcro style body mounts for other popular bodies as they come out and will offer those .STL files for free (along with the "Old Ford" body mounts) .  So should you send er' just a little too hard, just visit our website, download your file and print at home for free(though after months of racing we've never broken one).  If you don't have a printer, that's OK too.  We will offer the body mounts separately should you ever need them.

All printable .stl files can be found here:

FMS Smasher Printable Files

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nicholas B.
Transforms the smasher

The smasher to me was too nose heavy. I got the reg non portal flip. It does great. Now it’s a real monster truck. I will be getting another.

Ruben Sasis
Happy costumer

Very Happy with the race chassis

Patricia Silliman

From the quality to the handling this kit has it all A+. Love my chassis and the way it transformed my Smasher into a real MT.

Michael Finfrock
Almost perfect?

Great chassis.. Wish there was a different option for the body mounts.. Some simple clips like competitions for the stock body would be nice, the big blocks really detract from the great looking chassis

We will have more body mount options in the near future, thanks!

Michael N.
Awesome Chassis

Top notch quality. Assembly is very easy. Great having all the adjustments to fine tune the suspension.

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