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LoPro Tires for the CEN Racing American Force Wheel Size only. (Sold in sets of 6)

LoPro Tires for the CEN Racing American Force Wheel Size only. (Sold in sets of 6)

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So you want to go ridiculously low and #ruin your CEN Racing F450?  Our LoPro tires for the American Force CEN Racing F450 dually are just the ticket. These are printed from TPU and are in between what a hard plastic “drift tire” and a traditional tire might feel like. They have some give and stretch but are very rigid and do not utilize or need foam inserts. These offer less traction than a rubber tire and much more traction than a tire designed for drifting.  These are designed to look good and allow your truck to sit very low. You will be able to tow trailers on flat paved surfaces. You will get stuck trying to tow in dirt or grass, but you’ll have fun spinning all 6 of your tires 🤘🏼

These are not compatible with the KG1 size wheels. 

 Sidewall height is 4mm beyond the edge of the rim.

Sold in sets of 6. Tires are non directional and fit front and rear wheels.

Outside dimensions: 77mm x 37mm


When installing we found cutting up an old credit card to act as tire levers helps stretch and slide these tires over the bead channel on your American Force size wheels. These are compatible with our aluminum wheels like the “Alco” "Twentyfours" or “10 Slot”.


Note: there is a smooth sidewall side with a rim lip recess and a semi textured side with no rim lip recess. Pay careful attention when installing since they can be a challenge to install and can be darn near impossible to remove (ask us how we know). They are nearly impossible to damage and can withstand heat or cold or abrasion.

Wheels and truck used for example of these tires installed and are not included.  

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I liked the profile, but the fitment of the tire to the wheel seems to be a little bit off. The tire is not quite as wide as the wheel.




Love them

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