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Original 40mm Lift Kit for CEN F450 (truck not included) FREE Scale Exhaust Tip Included.

Original 40mm Lift Kit for CEN F450 (truck not included) FREE Scale Exhaust Tip Included.

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This lift kit raises your stock truck 40mm (Yes, TALLER than the CEN RACING F450 Lift Kit) and is completely bolt on.  This is the least expensive lift kit on the market but does not skimp on quality, includes all hardware and comes with a lifetime warranty. Break it for any reason and we’ll replace it, even if its gets run over in the street by a car.  Yea, that's happened.  This lift kit maintains all stock geometry and performance.  Instructional video can be found on our YouTube channel.  It is compatible with both Gen 1 (American Force) and Gen 2 (KG1 Edition) trucks.

Complimentary Scale Exhaust tip and bracket included.

This is the original and most economical lift kit for the CEN Racing F450 on the market and available in 3 colors: black, grey or red.

Can also easily be painted to match your custom painted F450 body.

It is also compatible with our "Any-Level" add on kit should you decide you want to upgrade in the future.


2 main chassis lift plates.  These are made from PETG, are warrantied for life and designed by competitive drivers to increase the capability of the truck while adding functionality.  The factory link tabs have been considered in the design and and shielded from hanging up on ledges and rocks.  The slight center arch helps maintain ground clearance and reduces the chances of high centering.  PETG slides well on jagged rocks.

Front Steering servo/panhard drop bracket

Rear Pandhard drop bracket

Antisway standoff links

All necessary hardware


Install time, less than 1 hour.


Recommended for stock 80mm (American Force Version) or 90mm (KG1 Edition) shocks mounted directly to the chassis.  120 or 130mm can also be used mounted in the stock locations.

100mm, 110mm shocks not recommended.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Elden Foltz
Awesome lift kit

I received my lift kit in one complete package and everything was individually packed. Very nice product and packaging. Very easy to install Thank you very much

Richard Chapla

It's going to be my Christmas gift

Codymichael Posa

Great item, wish the instructions were a bit better had to use YouTube to assist. But overall awesome purchase.

Charles Lavoie

The lift kit worked well I just didn't like the red I know I selected it after I installed it the red plastic didn't look good but the step by step video was well done


I put lift kit on looks great now just sit on shelf.

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