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New 2023 Lowering Kit: Now Even LOWER! for CEN Racing F450 AMERICAN FORCE Edition Wheels Only (Truck Not Included)

New 2023 Lowering Kit: Now Even LOWER! for CEN Racing F450 AMERICAN FORCE Edition Wheels Only (Truck Not Included)

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2023 Version 2! To take advantage of our newly released "LoPro" Tires we had to go even lower.  This kit is now around 12-15mm lower than our original kit.  In conjunction with our LoPro tires this will bring the bottom of the front bumper to the ground.  Literally.  We will be making a supplemental video on the changes that were made.  This still maintains 4wd and shocks at all 4 corners.  Updated parts include:

Front Body Mount

Rear Bed Supports

Cab Cross Brace

Cab to Chassis mounting system


This is a full rebuild of the stock CEN Racing F450 which will narrow the track width front and rear, and replaces most of the stock components.  It is NOT compatible with "KG1" series trucks(the wheel bolt pattern is different and larger).  If you have a KG1 Edition truck you will need to purchase the American Force wheels(or our Alco type wheels) to utilizes this kit. This is a significant modification to the stock truck and will take an experienced modeler several evenings to complete.  This is meant to simulate "Air Ride."  This system utilizes 4 servos for actuation (not included).  No electronics are included.  Full install/overview vides available on our YouTube channel.

ATTN: KG1 Edition trucks have a different bolt circle diameter than the American Force wheels and are not compatible with the hex adapters included in this kit. We will design KG1 compatible hex adapters in the near future and will offer two different versions of this kit.  If you have a KG1 truck and buy this lowering kit, you will need to use the American Force wheels.

It will have dynamic and adjustable ride height using a @superscale2020 module paired with your programable transmitter. Or you can opt to connect 4 servos to a multi channel(6 Channel "Impala TX and RX are a great fit) receiver and programable transmitter of your choice. This kit is for scale driving/towing/trailing ONLY. If you jump, bash, crash, race, mud, rock crawl or otherwise, you will break parts. There is no warranty.

I have a complete nut and bolt instructional series on YouTube. Watch part 1 at minimum before you order a kit. This kit is not for everyone and permanently changes some of the parts. You will not be able to return the truck to stock without significant work and buying new parts.

Warning: This is a fairly involved modification to your truck, and will require 3+ hours of assembly and modification. It may take you much longer based on your mechanical experience. Difficulty is a 7/10. Experience building your own RC cars will make the process easier. There are more than 50 3D printed parts included with this kit, do not buy this if you have no hobby experience, are not confident with cutting metal or have not built your own model kits. I will be offering complete ready to drive trucks from time to time on my IG account @crawlersncustoms

Tools needed:
You'll need basic hobby tools like hex wrenches, lexan scissors, dremel, cutting/sanding discs, drill, flat file and soldering iron(to install a BEC as well as the optional but highly recommended SuperScale2020 Module). A vice to hold the axle while you file and cut is helpful(see part 2 of the assembly video series).

Parts needed:
1 CENRACING F450 "American Force" RTR Truck(truck not included with this lowering kit)

4 25-35 Kg digital servos.

Programable transmitter and at least a 3 channel receiver.

BEC. DO NOT use the stock Rx/ESC to power your 4 suspension servos, you will burn something out. I recommend and use the Castle Creations 10amp BEC on my own trucks. This kit does not come with any electronics.

M3 Bolt Kit or assorted m3 hardware. We can finish about 98% of the build reusing bolts we removed in conjunction with the hardware supplied in in this kit. I’d recommend this assortment, I’ve bought many of these myself.

Optional Tools: a small low torque electric hex driver will make your life much easier. There are many bolts that self thread into PETG 3D printer parts. Buy one if you don't already have one, you'll thank me later. This is the one I have:

Along with a speed driver set. Here is the one I have:

Instructions: There are no written instructions. You will find detailed photos of the completed truck on my IG Highlighted Stories @crawlersncustoms

Instructional videos:

Its a good idea to watch all of the instructional videos before you actually start working on your truck. You can then play the videos in the background and mostly just follow along.

You can also DM or message me and I’ll try to coach you though any parts you’re having trouble with. If you choose to utilize a SuperScale2020 you will need to follow his install instructions which he provides via email after purchase. The good news is, his standard crawler firmware is correct for all 4 servos so with some adjustments its a fairly straight forward install/tuning process. Please see @superscale2020 videos on YT so you understand his system. You will need to be familiar programming your specific transmitter. I used a DX5 and a Spektrum 3 channel RX to control my steering, throttle and the SuperScale2020 module.

Parts included: (all parts printed in black PETG)
4 link conversion for both front and rear axles. This includes front and rear plates for both axles as well as upper link trusses.
4 lower links, 2 front, 2 rear. These are made to look scale, however feel free to supply your own if you'd like more strength.
4 Wheel adapters, 2 front, 2 rear. These help narrow the track width in order for the tires to sit completely below the body.
1 Steering Servo and Front Suspension Servo mount. This relocates the steering servo and serves as a mount for the two front suspension servos.
1 Front Body Mount
1 SuperScale2020 Mount
1 ESC relocation mount
1 RX relocation mount
2 Hidden Cab Mounts
1 Cab to Bed Mounting Plate
2 Cab to Bed 90 degree support brackets
2 Bed support Plates/Servo Covers
2 Rear Frame Upright Brackets
2 Rear Servo Brackets
1 Rear Main Frame Cross Member
2 Rear Suspension Cantilevers w/6 sealed metal bearings(included)
1 Rear Axle Optional 5th wheel upper 4 link mount (used to attach a 5th wheel trailer directly to the top of the rear axle)
2 Bearing Caps for rear axle. You will be removing the stock axle end caps and replacing them with shorter caps. This is where you will be trimming approximately 22mm from the left and right rear axle.
2 Narrow Hex adapters for rear axle.
1 Pair Axle Cutting Jig to be used in vice to help cut left and right rear axle to shorter length and to hold axle while filing flat to match diff cups.
6 bearings
16 m3 x 25mm bolts
2 m3 x 30mm bolts
20 m2.5 x 12mm bolts
8 m3 square nuts
4 m3 link rod ends
Please remember you will need about 8-10 extra m3 bolts and a couple of m3 nuts to finish assembly which most modelers have in their spare parts bin. If you have no hardware at all, buy an assorted m3 kit like this one:

If you plan to run/build/buy a 5th wheel trailer at some point, this is a link to the quick connector I showed in one of the videos:

If you made it this far, thank you! You're probably ready to get your truck low!


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Awesome thanks


The truck looks awesome


One of the best. The 3d printed parts are top quality. The 3 hours of installation video was spot on. 👌


I'm still in awe on how easy it was to follow and assemble. I get compliments all the time when I show off the dropped kit.

Jason Thompson

New 2023 Lowering Kit: Now Even LOWER! for CEN Racing F450 AMERICAN FORCE Edition Wheels Only (Truck Not Included)

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