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Dynamic "Any-Level" Add-On (Must be used with our Standard or Billet 40MM Lift Kit) for CEN RACING F450

Dynamic "Any-Level" Add-On (Must be used with our Standard or Billet 40MM Lift Kit) for CEN RACING F450

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This Dynamic Suspension "Any-Level" Add-on kit requires our Standard 40mm Lift Kit or our Billet Scale & Performance Lift Kit for install.   It will not work with other lift kits.  It also requires longer shocks, 110mm recommended.  This is not supplied with any electronics.  CEN F450 truck not included.  This is meant to simulate "Air Ride" or the hydraulic "Any Level Lift".  This system utilizes 4 servos for actuation (not included).



Twin Front Servo Bracket

Twin Rear Servo Bracket

2x Servo Bracket Spacer Blocks

Rear Cross Member

Body Post Mounting Brackets

All Hardware


Needed to complete:

4 Standard 35KG servos

1 Superscale2020 Module

1 15amp or more BEC

CENF450 with our Standard 40mm or Billet Aluminum Lift Kit installed



Programable TX/RX to control ride height live from TX.  This gives it "Any-Level" capability.

TRX4 Steering servo arms (corrects slight outward tilt of rear shocks when using standard servos and servo arms).


This Add-On will not work with a non-lifted truck.


Install time 1 hour.

Customer Reviews

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It’s great for the servos mounted.

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Love this lift kit! Looks awesome on my 450! I have the only lifted one in my area so far! Great customer service, item arrived on time, well made, super easy to install with the video on YouTube, and can’t wait for more from this shop! Will definitely buy from James again! 5 out of 5 for sure!

Andres Solorio

Once again James has amazed me with his kits I'm glad I was able to be one of the forst to get his lowering kit and as well for the lift kit for the F450 when he brought it out. The overall work isn't difficult if you have knowledge in basic building and patience you'll be fine!! I can't wait for new kits for the F450 as now I need more lol!!!


Absolutely awesome product. Kit is super easy to install and honestly sky is the limit. I've done nothing but brag and show off my truck now that I'm done with the suspension.

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