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DWB "Do Work Bed" for the CEN Racing F450

DWB "Do Work Bed" for the CEN Racing F450

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The "DWB" is our premium scale work bed for the CEN Racing F450.  This flatbed is modeled after the CM brand work beds.  It is made from PETG and Aluminum.  The top deck is 1/8th thick sheet aluminum and is structural.  You can load it up or drill directly into it to mount your 5th wheel/gooseneck ball in the optimum spot for your specific truck or trailer.  This is not compatible with our CrawlersnCustoms Lowering kit.  This is compatible with both the American Force (Gen1) and KG1 (Gen2) CEN Racing F450.  May or may not be compatible with lift kits(optional center support for heavy towing may not fit your lift kit).  Comes with standard 6mmx6mm receiver.  For heavy loads please use a 5th wheel type trailer.

Exhaust Tip and Bracket included.

Details:  This a bolt together kit, however assembly is simple and should take well under an hour.  You can choose grey or black work beds, along with frosted clear or traditional colored lenses(please see examples in photos).  Both beds will come with a raw silver aluminum top deck which can then be sanded for a satin finish(seen in photos), polished or painted.  All beds come with tie down rails. Side marker, running, stop, reverse and center marker lights are all designed for 3mm standard LED(LED not included). Side and center marker lights must be glued in place.  All beds can be set up as tow beds(no side rails) and/or hauling beds (with side rails).  Please see examples in photos.  Top deck can be double sided taped in place for a clean look(as on the silver work bed truck), or glued, or drilled(recommended for 5th wheel set ups) and bolted into place(see black work bed for examples).  Battery must be mounted in the lateral position(no parts necessary, truck is designed for this option).  This will not work with the stock battery location.  Bed is designed to be "permanently" mounted to chassis,  when changing the battery only the front cab is removed.

Cabinets open and close(magnets included).

Receiver hitch included is a standard 6mm x 6mm.  Not compatible with aftermarket hitches for the F450 (CEN uses a NON standard size). Most of the industry utilizes the 6x6 size standard.

All hardware needed for assembly and install included.

Tools required for assembly: M2 driver, M1.3 driver(required for door hinge pin install).  

Optional: Drill (optional for top deck) and Lexan reamer to enlarge two holes behind the cab for the bed body posts.

Optional parts(not included): 3mm LED lights, glue, double sided tape.


Does not come with truck or wheels, This is for the work bed only.

Note for our original lift kit owners: minor trimming of the lift plates will be needed. Trim through the center of the 2nd to last hole to allow the bed to be mounted.  A dremel or small saw work best for this.

This is mostly a non permanent change should you decide to use the Lexan rear bed again at some point in the future.

There are no written instructions, our full video instructions can be found on YT

Thank you for reading and enjoy the build!

Customer Reviews

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Carlos Gonzalez
Cen F450 Work BED

Nice custom look, went together well and easy to install with the video 👍🏻

Jerome Brown Jr


Brian Cole

A very true to scale and incredibly built bed. From the design, to fit and to finish the dwb is perfectly executed

Felipe Abala
Works perfect on my F-450 TRuck

The DWB works perfectly on my truck

Richard Amaral
Awesome product

Have no complaints. Great quality and super fast shipping

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