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Billet Scale and Performance 40mm Lift Kit for CEN F450 (truck not included) FREE Scale Exhaust Tip Included

Billet Scale and Performance 40mm Lift Kit for CEN F450 (truck not included) FREE Scale Exhaust Tip Included

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Thank you for all the support!  These Sold Out Faster than anticipated.  We are machining the next production run now.  We expect to restock Late November.  Please use the notifications tab on the right for restock alerts or shoot us an email. 

Our brand new 2022 Billet Scale and Performance 40mm Lift Kit for the CEN Racing F450 is finally ready!  After months and months of design revisions we've finally struck a balance between Scale looks and off road Performance(hence the name).   Machined from billet aluminum, and anodized satin black with bright silver contrast cut chamfers in the "basket" area, this lift was 100% inspired by the show trucks we've studied in person.  We wanted to maintain the stock link lengths and cross members while reducing their visual impact, not an easy task.  This is where the high clearance contrast chamfered center basket comes in.  The chamfering draws the eye to the middle of the truck and mimics the fabricated and machined "transmission baskets" you'll find on many of the trucks you'd find at Sema or the Truckin' Nationals. 

This lift kit raises the stock truck 40mm (Yes, TALLER than the CEN RACING F450 Lift Kit) and is completely bolt on, including all hardware and a lifetime warranty. Break it for any reason and we’ll replace it, even if its gets run over in the street by a car.  Yea, that's happened.  This lift kit maintains all stock geometry.  Instructional video can be found on our YT channel.  It is compatible with both Gen 1 (American Force) and Gen 2 (KG1 Edition) CEN Racing F450 trucks.

Complimentary Scale Exhaust tip and bracket included.

Our lifts are the only ones compatible with our "Any Level" add on kit should you decide you want to upgrade to a full show truck style remote adjustable height suspension.


2 billet(machined from a solid piece of aluminum) black anodized main chassis lift plates w/high break over design and captured lower link ends.  This design maximizes clearance while keeping the truck from getting hung up as it would with link tabs that stick out below the truck.  The slight center arch helps maintain ground clearance and reduces the chances of high centering.  

Front Steering servo/pan hard drop bracket

Rear Pan hard drop bracket

Antisway standoff links

All necessary hardware


Install time, less than 1 hour.  Full video instructions can be found on our YT (same as our Original 40mm Lift Kit)



Recommended for stock 80mm (American Force Version) or 90mm (KG1 Edition) shocks mounted directly to the chassis.  120 or 130mm can also be used mounted in the stock locations.

100mm and110mm shocks not recommended unless utilizing our Any-Level Add On Kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
josef Mackey
Outstanding Parts

Well designed and built, was literally like installing a drop cradle on a 1/1 truck! Everything lined up perfectly and I didn’t even have to get the torch out for the Shackle Rivets!!

Dylan Clayton

Best lift for these scale rigs!

Tony McMichael
CnC Lift kit

Well machined parts and all fit very nicely with all included hardware. Highly recommend this product.

Codymichael Posa

Great addon, truck now acts like a normal truck would. Highly recommend.

Joosse Eric

The lift kit was everything I was looking for, fit & quality is spot on. Thank you

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