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Billet Aluminum Scale and Performance 40mm Lift Kit for CEN F450 (truck not included) FREE Scale Exhaust Tip Included

Billet Aluminum Scale and Performance 40mm Lift Kit for CEN F450 (truck not included) FREE Scale Exhaust Tip Included

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The 2023 Billet Aluminum Scale and Performance 40mm Lift Kit for the CEN Racing F450.  The only lift kit designed in the USA with a lifetime warranty and the only lift kit actually designed for off-road use!  No sharp edges to get hung up, no silly square edge designs, no link tabs. and no Watts link! (more on that below)

Our design has the maximum break over angle and helps your 450 glide over obstacles that will stop our competitors in their tracks.  Machined from billet aluminum, and anodized satin black with bright silver contrast cut chamfers in the "basket" area, this lift was 100% inspired by the show trucks we've studied in person.  Accept no substitute, we made the 1st lift kit for the CEN F450 and we continue to innovate with our Billet Lift Kit.  We manufacture, design and compete with our parts all across the US.

Our Billet lift kit raises the stock truck 40mm.  Yes, TALLER than the CEN RACING F450 Lift Kit without their Watt's link which:

Limits travel

Limits articulation

Utilizes a non standard, extra long and extra weak steering servo arm robbing you of steering performance.

There's a reason Traxxas, Vanquish, Axial and all other RC manufactures(as well as Ford, Chevy, Dodge and all other truck manufactures) do not use a watts link on top of the axle... we'll let you decide why! 


Our kit is completely bolt on, including all hardware and a lifetime warranty.  Break it for any reason and we’ll replace it, even if its gets run over in the street by a car.  Yea, that's happened.  This lift kit maintains all stock geometry.  Instructional video can be found on our YT channel.  It is compatible with both Gen 1 (American Force) and Gen 2 (KG1 Edition) CEN Racing F450 trucks.

Free Scale Exhaust tip and bracket included.

Our lifts are the only ones compatible with our "Any Level" add on kit should you decide you want to upgrade to a full show truck style remote adjustable height suspension.  Please check our YT and IG videos for examples.


2 billet(machined from a solid piece of aluminum) black anodized main chassis lift plates w/high break over design and captured lower link ends.  This design maximizes clearance while keeping the truck from getting hung up as it would with link tabs that stick out below the truck.  The slight center arch helps maintain ground clearance and reduces the chances of high centering.  

Front Steering servo/pan hard drop bracket

Rear Pan hard drop bracket

Antisway standoff links

All necessary hardware


Install time, less than 1 hour.  Full video instructions can be found on our YT (same as our Original 40mm Lift Kit)

Recommended for stock 80mm (American Force Version) or 90mm (KG1 Edition) shocks mounted directly to the chassis.  120 or 130mm can also be used mounted in the stock locations.

100mm and110mm shocks not recommended unless utilizing our Any-Level Add On Kit.

Customer Reviews

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Brett Mengel
Lift 40 mm

Arrived on time as described. Easy install looks awesome. Will buy more from seller.

Charlie Bond
Billet lift kit and billet links

Great products with nice machine work
I’m looking forward to the install

joseph cruz
Great Product.

Great seller. Awesome communication. Great product. Fast shipping.

Michael Navarro
Awesome lift kit!!

This lift made my f450 look amazing!! Now for bigger tires

Caleb Cassidy
***CNC 40mm billet lift kit ***

This is a simply perfect fit for any cen f450 or any custom truck build for that matter ! Tough , eye appealing product to make your truck preform at its finest. Don't wait get yourself one today !!!!!!!!!!!!

Caleb 🤘

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