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1/24 Scale Simulated Track Camera

1/24 Scale Simulated Track Camera

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This is designed to mimic the video camera and booms you might find at a race track. The camera pans and tilts as well as raises and lowers on the working cantilevered parallelogram. All hardware is included, but counter weights like lead or steel weights for the back of the boom are not included. We’ve found round magnets like those used for mounting bodies work well and look like scale weights. Alternatively the base can be double sided taped or glued to your track. The included counter weight is a scale item and not actually heavy enough to balance the complete boom on its own. 

12” long weight camera height adjustable from the ground up to a maximum of 5.5” (with camera in the top or normal position). Example photos show the camera in the inverted position. 

Printed in black PETG for durability.

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