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DIGITAL FILES ONLY: Print and Build at Home Modular 1/10 Scale Gooseneck Trailer

DIGITAL FILES ONLY: Print and Build at Home Modular 1/10 Scale Gooseneck Trailer

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Ready to build a scale trailer at home?!  We've got you covered.  Meet our 1/10th Scale Modular Gooseneck Trailer STL files.

Usable Deck Size: 50" (1273mm) x 11" (278mm).  This comfortably fits 2 1/10 scale vehicles.  See example photos.  It can easily be built much longer, over 10 feet! (You are only limited by the board length at your Home Depot)

Overall Length of "standard" build is 1513mm (Gooseneck leading edge to trailer trailing edge).

We’ve designed this trailer to be very scale, highly adaptable and printable on most home FDM 3D printers with a build plate of 220mm square or larger.  It will take you 100-150 print hours depending on your machine.  Most of the 80 or so components are best printed in PETG with a .2 layer height and 2 (for faster printing) or 4 (for slower, stronger printing) walls. You can also print in ASA or ABS.  We do not suggest PLA. We suggest 25% infill for most parts, though you can get away with lower depending on the component.  All components have been designed to be printed with ZERO supports!  That's right, print it and start assembling. Most print orientation will be intuitive.  The “5th” wheel parts must be printed nose down.  If you are slicing and you see you need supports, try another print orientation.  You can adjust the overall length of this design by 214mm at a time by using more, or fewer of the “Main Frame” components #2 and using more of the "Main Frame" components #5 and you can use as many or as few axles as you want.  Want to build an 8 foot long 5 axle trailer? You can do it using these files!

You will be emailed a link to download all necessary .stl files to print this trailer at home.


Tools needed:

A 3D Printer like and Ender or Prusa capable of printing in PETG and TPU.

Drill (for pre drilling holes into the wooden deck 5/64th drill bit recommended)

Electric Screwdriver (trust me on this, buy one now if you don't already own one).

Assorted hex keys  

You will need lots of hardware to assemble this trailer,  however this is a completely bolt together design so no glue!  All bolts just need to be hand snug. No need to over tighten anything on this design.

Hardware/Parts needed:

Deck.  The deck is structural and designed around a readily available (Home Depot) board.  We used Poplar because of its nice finish and close grain structure.  You can stain or paint to suit.  Home Depot Part number 1993121075 # 467632 You will need 1270mm (50").  Size .75” x 9.25” (commonly labeled as 1"x10" board).

M3 button head bolts in assorted lengths from 12mm, 20mm, 30mm and up to 40mm (for securing the deck to the frame).  Packs of 50 for each length will be a good start. Since there are a variety of lengths utilized, please use a “feeler” like a spare small allen key to check the depth of “blind” holes before inserting hardware.  Having an M3 assortment pack is also a good idea.

M3 x16mm grub screw for attaching the frame side rails to each other (helps with alignment) and for the rear deck caps.  Approx 20 needed.

M2.5 x 12mm socket head bolts for securing the scale “I-Beam side panels” to the main frame components.

M2 x 10mm grub screws to secure the doors in the cabinets (these also act as hinges, 4 needed for each cabinet you print).

M2x 8mm for installing optional side struts and mounts.

Assorted M3 nuts and lock nuts (for axles)

A coupler of your choice to attach the trailer to your truck.  It is designed for either an m4 sized bolt (for semi style 5th wheels) or for a quick coupler (opening is 11.2mm).

“Lesu” style 167mm housing width (182 hex width) unpowered trailer axles:

“Lesu” style 1/14 scale dually wheels and tires (though other sizes can be used 85mm diameter recommended):

Rear lenses designed to accept 3mm LEDs.

Additional instructions and photos are included in your digital download.

Please note: Refunds are not available once you have accessed and downloaded these digital files.

Note: This design is owned by Crawlersncustoms Inc, 2023.  We do not permit any redistribution of this design.  By buying these files you agree not to share, reproduce, upload or resell this design or products created using this design in any way.  Some parts have been externally marked and branded while others have branding and watermarks within the code or internal to the design.  All rights reserved.


We do offer fully assembled trailers for LOCAL (North Georgia) Pick Up only.

Customer Reviews

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Dean Sword
Great Engineering Built In!

I’m a recently retired quality engineer, a life-long modeler and I really enjoy building RC vehicles. I’ve printed the majority of the components and have found them to be really well engineered in design, their strength, and how well they fit together. I’m printing them with my Bambu Labs X1-Carbon Combo and the finish is exceptional from this printer. The design also allows customization to make the trailer any length you need or add any features that you can think of and design\print\build.

I am very interested in scale, so I don’t feel like one single piece of wood, showing the grain, is realistic in scale. So I thought about adding some channels into the surface of the wood to make it appear to be plywood panels, but the grain would still line up like one large piece. Or it could be painted or coated to hide the grain. Using wood is a simple way to assemble and have strength, but a trip to my local Home Depot for a 1x10 Poplar Board was going to set me back about $75.00!

I’ve decided to design my own 3D printed trailer bed panels to fit into the frame. They will either interlock or overlap the trailer frame seams to ensure strength. They will have 100% infill areas for screwing together.

My first build is a long enough trailer for two of my crawlers and I’ll do another one sized for one crawler or another F450. I’m looking forward to seeing this first one completed.

Dean, thank you so much for the detailed review! Glad you’re liking it. We tried to make it as scale, as modular and as easy to assemble and print as possible.


Still have to print it, but it looks good

Spencer Nowland

DIGITAL FILES ONLY: Print and Build at Home Modular 1/10 Scale Gooseneck Trailer

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