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DIGITAL FILES ONLY: Print and Build at Home 1/10 Scale Enclosed Utility Trailer

DIGITAL FILES ONLY: Print and Build at Home 1/10 Scale Enclosed Utility Trailer

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THIS IS FOR DIGITAL FILES ONLY!  YOU WILL BE RECEVING .STL FILES ONLY.  You will not be receiving an actual 1/10 scale trailer.  If you would like an assembled trailer please see our other product pages (Pending June 2024).

The Enclosed Utility Trailer, an icon of the weekend.  Ready to print and build this trailer at home?!  We've got you covered with our Enclosed Utility Trailer .STL files.

Main Box Dimensions : 164mm wide, by 210mm long by 180mm tall.  This fits 1/10 motorcycles, bicycles and ATVs.

Overall Dimensions: 317mm long, 230mm wide (with standard fenders)

We’ve designed this trailer to be very scale, highly adaptable and printable on most home FDM 3D printers with a build plate of 220mm square or larger.  It will take you 30-40 print hours depending on your machine.  Most of the components are best printed in PETG with a .2 layer height and 2 (for faster printing) or 4 (for slower, stronger printing) walls. You can also print in ASA or ABS.  We do not suggest PLA. We suggest 25% infill for most parts, though you can get away with lower depending on the component.  All components have been designed to be printed with ZERO supports!  That's right, print it and start assembling. Most print orientation will be intuitive.  The "Main Front" part must be printed upside down with the triangle wedge shape against the build plate.  If you are slicing and you see you need supports, try another print orientation.

There are many options when printing and are included:

High and Low Hitch position (designed for an M3 grub screw and standard M3 link end)

Adjustable Fender position and 5 different types of fenders

Multiple Door Graphic options (none, crossed wrenches, or CNC Garage).

Multiple axle and ride height options: 

Print our 194mm axle housing (designed to use 4x10x4mm bearings and m4 threaded rod). Or use an "amazon RC trailer axle."  Run them directly bolted to the bottom of the trailer or print our leaf spring mounting plate and leaf springs (TPU material recommended for spring) and go for more ride high and moving suspension.

You will be emailed a link to download all necessary .stl files to print this trailer at home.


Tools needed:

A 3D Printer like and Ender or Prusa capable of printing in PETG and TPU(optional).

Assorted hex keys

Hardware/Parts needed:

Wheels and tires of your choice.  We recommend common 1/10 crawler tires and wheels (4.7") or smaller "drift" wheel size(60-70mm OD) for a more scale appearance.

M3 x 16mm Grub screw (1 needed to attach M3 link for trailer attachment)

M3 x 40mm (for 3rd wheel attachment, optional)

M3 x 30mm (to attach AMZ style axle to TPU Printed Leaf Springs, optional)

M3 x 10mm button head bolts (5 needed)

M3 x 20mm button head bolt (9 needed) and M3 Nuts

M2 x 8mm hardware to attach trim, and door hinges.

Miniature hinges (3 needed for door)

“Lesu” style 167mm housing width (182 hex width) unpowered trailer axles (this axle may require extended hexes to reach the desired track width based on your wheel choice):


Print the included .stl for our 194mm width axle housing

build with 4 x 10 x 4 bearings (2 needed)

and M4 threaded rod

M4 Nut (to locate wheels on threaded rod)


3mm LED (soldering required, we suggest 12v so you can power them directly from a 3s battery.

Please note: Refunds are not available once you have accessed and downloaded these digital files.

Note: This design is owned by Crawlersncustoms Inc, 2024.  We do not permit any redistribution of this design.  By buying these files you agree not to share, reproduce, upload or resell this design or products created using this design in any way.  Some parts have been externally marked and branded while others have branding and watermarks within the code or internal to the design.  All rights reserved.


We will also offer these trailers fully assembled, please see our other product pages (ETA June 2024)

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